2020 Escambia County 4-H Events-Making the Best, Better!

The UF/IFAS Escambia County Extension Office hosted 4-H County Events on March 6 and 7, 2020. 4-H County Events consist of competitions in public speaking, demonstrations and illustrated talks, photography, graphic design, and share-the-fun (talent) activities. The event featured 58 youth, submitting 117 different entries. Congratulations to all of the 4-H participants who will go on to the district competition. This year all blue ribbon demonstrations and the first and second place public speakers and Share-the-Fun participants will go on to District Events which will be held in Escambia County in May. The top junior (8-10 years old), intermediate (11-13 years old), and senior (14+ years old) photographs will now proceed to the state contest. For graphic design competitions, all blue-ribbon winners will be eligible for the state contest at 4-H University at the University of Florida in July!

Below are the winners from County Events who participated in the graphic design contest and are heading on to the state contest. Graphic Design: Chloe Bray-Crews, Elizabeth Penullar, Alyssa Stefanko, Katy Stefanko, Laney Clarke, Ryan Clarke, Maddie Goss, Chase Smith, Katherine Ballard, Madi Behrends, Ava Chauvette, Brayden Clarke, Izzy Kent, Chad Sasser, Ethan Thorne, and Raleigh Woodfin. Raleigh Woodfin’s postcard was named Best in Show.

Below are the speech winners from County Events who will be representing Escambia County at the district competition. Public Speaking: Elizabeth Penullar, Gracie Meredith, Tucker Padgett, and Izzy Kent; Demonstrations and Illustrated Talks: Reid Spagnuolo, Matt Dunlap, Chloe Bray-Crews, Elizabeth Penullar, Katy Stefanko, Alyssa Stefanko, Tucker Padgett, Emma Spagnuolo, Laney Clarke, Ryan Clarke, Chase Smith, Maddie Goss, Carly Gray, Alan Bray-Crews, Abigail Bray-Crews, Ana Stefanko, Brayden Clarke, Katherine Ballard, Raeleigh Woodfin, Chad Sasser, Hannah Thorne, Rashidi Joseph, Rikki Camacho, and Isabella Vose.

Below are the winners from County Events who will be representing Escambia County at the state photography competition. Photography: Syrah Chauvette, Ryan Clarke, and Katherine Ballard. The photo contest provided a showcase for 4-H members’ photographic accomplishments. The winning photographs were displayed with the intent of increasing public awareness and understanding of the 4-H program and the top overall photo taken by Katherine Ballard is being exhibited inside the Langley Bell 4-H Center.

County Events would not be possible without our many adult volunteers. They serve as judges, room monitors, scorekeepers, and more! A big thank you goes out to our speech and talent judges and volunteers for all of their hard work: Mary Ballard, Kim Camacho, Colleen Carbone, Thomas Dague, Laura Lawhon, Denise Mann, Jessie Massey, Josh McLamb, Quintin Mengerink, Cheryl Nelson, Taylor Nelson, Kaycee Patel, Christine Rodgers, Gwen Shiver, and Dawn Vose. We would also like to thank the Wide Angle Photo Club for sending members John Mankelwicz, Kristie Moore, and Loretto Sitton to judge the photography contest. If this sounds fun and you want to help make the best, better, then please consider volunteering with Escambia County 4-H. Please call the 4-H office at 850-475-5230 to get started today. Congratulations again to all of the 4-H members for their efforts at Escambia County 4-H Events!

UF/IFAS Extension in Escambia County is an Equal Opportunity Institution.


Chloe Bray-Crews Top Jr Demo
Maddie Goss Top Int. Demo
Raeleigh Woodfin Top Sr. Demo
Tucker Padgett Top Public Speech
Katy Stefanko Top Jr. Graphic Design
Maddie Goss Top Int. Graphic Design
Raeleigh Woodfin Top Sr. Graphic Design and Best of Show
Syrah Chauvette Top Jr. Photograph
Ryan Clarke Top Int. Photograph
Katherine Ballard Top Sr. Photograph and Best of Show

Posted: March 13, 2020

Tags: 4-H, 4-H Events And Activities

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