Health Advisories Issued for Bayou’s Texar, Chico, and Grande

As expected after a heavy rain, the bacteria levels have increased in the local bayous. Bayou’s Chico, Texar, and Grande all had levels high enough to have health advisories issued.

Enterococcus bacteria are found in the digestive tracts of birds and mammals and are used to monitor sewage in brackish and marine waterways. Levels should not exceed 71 colonies / 100ml of sample.

Bayou Grande had 73 colonies / 100ml

Bayou Chico had 211 colonies / 100ml

Bayou Texar had 432 colonies / 100ml

All other brackish and marine waters samples were below the 71 count. You can read more about local water quality in the Pensacola Bay area by visiting the Marine Science section of this website.


Posted: May 5, 2017

Category: Water
Tags: Water Quality

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