Summer brings great opportunities for youth to engage in adventures and educational experiences beyond the classroom environment. 4-H offers hands on learning opportunities through day camps and residential camp each year. This year we will offer camps that teach our community’s youth about the environment and wildlife, aerospace, heritage arts like sewing and canning, civic leadership, and outdoor survival and rescue skills. These camps are open to the public and cost only $5 per youth per day. For more information or to register, contact the 4-H office at 850-475-5230 or email us at bspann@ufl.edu. We would love to have your family involved in these great programs!

Wild Animal Day Camp (June 9, 8am-2pm, ages 8-18) – Animal specialists come together for a fun filled day of exploring our four legged and feathered friends. Owls, reptiles, and more. We’ll learn about the natural habitat and behaviors of these creatures along with how humans and animals interact. Supported by Sea Grant and the Roy Hyatt Environmental Education Center

Aerospace Community Demonstration and Day Camp (June 15, 8am-3pm, ages 8-18, 5681 Chalker Road, Molino, FL) – Open to the public, but please register your youth. Build model airplanes, fly planes with computer simulation, and watch amazing demonstrations by local hobbyists and professionals while learning all about the science of flight. Supported by Northwest Florida Modelers, Inc.

Sewing New Ideas Clothing Construction Day Camp Series (July 14 and 15, 9am-2pm, ages 9-16) – Sewing for beginners to advanced skills to inspire creativity and promote the usefulness of this heritage art. Day 1 will teach basic clothing construction and swing skills to build on in Day 2 as youth learn sewing processes and technique to produce their own constructed item to take home. Supported by Home and Community Education Group of Escambia County

Canning and Cooking Culinary Day Camp Series (July 19 and 20, 9am-2pm, ages 8-14) – Canning isn’t just for your grandmother! Learn how to can, pickle and preserve various foods safely and deliciously! Youth will also learn food safety, nutrition and other cooking skills as we make our own snacks and learn where our food comes from in this 2 day camp. Supported by Home and Community Education Group of Escambia County

Mock Legislature Series (August 2 and 3, 8am-2pm, ages 9-14) – Youth will be able to see and experience what civic leadership is all about. We will learn about the political process and conduct mock legislative sessions in which youth will serve as Senators, Representatives, and Lobbyists as they conduct committee meetings and pass mock bills in this 2 day camp. Supported by 4-H Teen Civic Leadership

Search and Rescue Day Camp (Date TBA, 8am-2pm, ages 8-18) – Youth will learn about the process of search and rescue alongside trained K9 units and search and rescue teams who will demonstrate how they search and find lost children. Youth will learn strategies for preventing crimes against them as well as what to do if they are lost in various settings. This will include outdoor survival skills, first aid training, compass, and orienteering. Supported by Klaas Kids Foundation Search Center for Missing and Trafficked Children

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Posted: May 4, 2016

Category: 4-H & Youth, Events, Natural Resources

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