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While purchasing some fruits for our gardens at Extension, I found some interesting varieties that would be fun for kids. On the tag it also stated that plants were GMO free. Since genetically engineered crops are such a hot topic, I thought it important to clarify this GMO free tag for homeowners.

All plants available to homeowners are GMO free.
All plants and seeds available for homeowner purchase are GMO free.

There are no genetically engineered fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, or seeds that are available to homeowners in any of the retail stores. Homeowners can not purchase genetically engineered food and feed crops . These are only available to commercial farmers who have specific contracts with the company producing these seeds.
Our role in Extension is to make available the current science of issues. If you have decided that genetically engineered food is an issue for you, please feel comfortable knowing that you will not be purchasing any genetically engineered transplants or seeds at any retail nursery markets.


Posted: May 3, 2016

Category: Fruits & Vegetables, Home Landscapes
Tags: Edibles, Fruits, GMO, Plants, Vegetables

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