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A Cherry for the Southern Garden

Although we are not able to grow edible cherry trees in more southern climates, there are a few ornamental relatives of the cherry that are worth adding to the landscape.  The Bush cherry, Prunus jacquemontii, is an attractive deciduous shrub that is a highlight with pink blooms in late winter.  Flowers provide an early nectar source to bees. 

2015-03-01 15.24.51

Bees are actively visiting flowers.

Plant the bush cherry is an area that receives sunlight and allows for the rounded shrub to  grow about 5 feet by 5 feet.  Plants like well-drained soil but benefit from some moisture during the growing season.  Small berries serve as a food source for wildlife and can be used in jellies and jams.  Leaves turn yellow in the fall before dropping.  Plants are generally low maintenance and certainly brighten winter days. Bush cherry



One Comment on “A Cherry for the Southern Garden

  1. Do they taste like cherries in jams? Where is the best place to purchase these bushes if you wanted a decent quantity? What time of yr do they produce? thank you

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