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Gulf Council Votes to Increase the Red Snapper Quotas

The Gulf of Mexico Fishery Council moved to set the red snapper quota for 2015 and beyond.  After reviewing recommendations by its scientific advisories the following quotas were set.

2015   Commercial Quota = 7.26 million pounds   Recreational Quota = 7.04 mp   TOTAL = 14.30 mp

2016   Commercial Quota = 7.12 mp                     Recreational Quota = 6.84 mp   TOTAL = 13.96 mp

2017+ Commercial Quota = 7.01 mp                     Recreational Quota = 6.73 mp   TOTAL = 13.74 mp

If approved by the Department of Commerce this will increase the 2015 total quota by 3.3 mp.

For more information visit the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council.

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