Cogongrass Treatment Program

The 2014 Cogongrass treatment cost-share program sign-up period has begun. Applications will be accepted through February 27, 2015. If you, a client, or a neighbor has cogongrass, here is a way to get some help treating it.

For your application to be processed and considered you need the following complete:

Application (available here)
Site visit with county forester
W-9 (see page 7 of guidelines, available here)
Map (county forester will assist)
Hold Harmless Agreement (optional)
Treatment Practice Plan (optional)

If you already completed the online W-9 a previous year, you must

1) Give a copy of the W-9 which can be printed off at the DFS Website (it will show which number was used)


2) Provide the number used to complete the online form. (this number should be used on the application also)

Send in your applications as soon as possible to allow plenty of time for a site visit, and a map & plan to be made. Applications can be mailed to the address below or scanned and emailed back to me. Please contact me to set up a site visit or if you have any questions.

Cathy Hardin
Escambia County Forester
Florida Forest Service
Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Molino Forestry Station
4100 Hwy. 29 North
Cantonment, FL 32533


Posted: October 6, 2014

Category: Agriculture, Invasive Species

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