Inshore Lionfish Final Report for 2014 – September 5

The original plan for the inshore lionfish survey was to do weekly dives during July and August. After a dive on August 31 the team did not see a lionfish at any of the inshore reefs or structures. We did have 2 unverified reports of lionfish from residents. One was mid summer at Ft. McRee and the other was late winter at the USS Massachusetts. We dove those sites several times in the last two months and did not see lionfish but have our eyes out. So we will close out this year’s survey by reporting no verified lionfish inshore in Pensacola Bay.

All the official survey is over remember if you are diving or snorkeling on inshore wrecks and find lionfish log what you see on and contact Sea Grant Agent Rick O’Connor at 850-475-5230 or


For those interested – the Gulf Coast Lionfish Coalition will be hosting a one day lionfish shoot out tomorrow (September 6, 2014) at Zekes Landing in Orange Beach AL. Visit their website for more information:


Posted: September 5, 2014

Category: Coasts & Marine, Invasive Species
Tags: Invasive Species, Lionfish

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