Citrus Canker in Panhandle

A case of citrus canker has been positively identified from a residential yard in Santa Rosa County. At this time, homeowners should be on the lookout for any new infections on their citrus trees that they have not noticed in the past. There are several issues on citrus including leafminer and greasy spot disease that are not life threatening to the plant. Call your Extension office for more information but do not bring in samples if you suspect Citrus Canker. Instead please contact the Division of Plant Industry’s (DPI) Helpline Center at 1-888-397-1517 before taking any action to reduce accidental spread of this disease. Again, do not transport any potentially infested material to a nursery or Extension office for identification.

Citrus leafminer is a common insect pest found on new growth of citrus. The tiny caterpillar mines through the leaves causing leaf distortion. (Beth Bolles, UF IFAS Escambia Extension)

Canker ID
How might you know if your citrus is infected by canker? One of the best indicators of canker is the presence of lesions, diseased spots, on the upper and lower surfaces of the leaves. The lesions will be raised and have a rough surface and will be surrounded by yellow halos. Similar lesions may be present on the fruit and stems as well.

2013-11-21 10.35.24
Citrus canker lesions on the leaf. (Beth Bolles, UF IFAS Escambia Extension)


2013-11-21 10.28.38
Stem of citrus with a lesion. (Beth Bolles, UF IFAS Escambia Extension)





Posted: November 26, 2013

Category: Agriculture, Crops, Pests & Disease

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