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Panhandle Outdoors LIVE 2013!


kayaksAre you interested in exploring and discovering more about the waterways and wildlife around you?  If so, Panhandle Outdoors LIVE may be right up your alley.  In 2012, natural resources Extension Agents took over 200 people on trips from Perdido to Apalachicola, and this yearlong series of hiking, boating, and kayaking trips is back by popular demand with 9 new locations.  Local experts will provide you with insight into the “real” Florida and take you to places unique to our corner of the world. We promise you’ll go home with a new appreciation for our Florida ecosystems!

The expedition schedule is as follows:

March 15: Aucilla River Sinks (Jefferson County)

March 28:  The Great Florida Wildlife Trail (Calhoun County)

April 2:  Pitcher Plants & Weeks Bay (Baldwin County, Alabama)

May 8:  Coastal Dune Lakes (Walton County, Florida)

June 6:  Yellow River & Boiling Creek (Santa Rosa County)

August 15:  Saltwater Marshes of St. Andrews Bay (Bay County)

September 24:  Apalachicola National Estuarine Research Reserve (Franklin County)

October 3:  Blackwater River State Forest (Santa Rosa County)

November 15:  Seagrasses & Manatees of Apalachee Bay (Wakulla County)


Each day starts at Pitcher plant bog9:30 am central/10:30 am eastern and runs to 4:00 central/5:00 eastern.  Please arrive at least 20 minutes early for each trip to ensure the events can start on time.  Depending on location, moderate walking, hiking, swimming, and/or paddling may be involved.  Lunch, park entry fees, and rentals will be provided for each participant (18 and up only) at a cost of $30.

Click here for registration and contact information. Space is limited, so register early!


Enjoy exploring Northwest Florida during Panhandle Outdoor Live 2013

Enjoy exploring Northwest Florida during Panhandle Outdoor Live 2013

Necessary equipment and clothing will vary based on weather and location, but participants should bring sturdy shoes, drinking water, sunscreen, and a camera to each trip. Transportation to each location will be facilitated by carpooling, and some counties may be able to provide transportation.


2 Comments on “Panhandle Outdoors LIVE 2013!

  1. Update 9/22/2031 The Blackwater River State Forest Trip Oct 3 is now open for registration.

    There’s was registration delay due to our attempt to reschedule the Apalachicola trip originally scheduled for September 24. The date conflicts with an important meeting our Sea Grant Agents are required to attend.

    This meeting was not on the calendar when the original POL 2013 dates were announced. At this time, we cannot find a date that works for the trip leaders.

    Typically we open the trips for registration after the preceding trip is complete. So at this time we are opening the next trip to Blackwater River State Forest.

    To register visit

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