Mosquitoes All Around

photo of glass jar in the yard with standing water and mosquito larvae
Ideal mosquito breeding site

Our area has received frequent rains that bring increases in mosquito populations. Local mosquito management offices are literally working overtime to address the many requests for help with reducing biting mosquitoes. As a homeowner, it is important to work with management offices by checking around homes for areas and artificial ‘containers’ that serve as breeding sites for many biting mosquitoes. Your best practice is to empty standing water every few days so mosquitoes will be unable to complete a life cycle.

Any time mosquito numbers increase, many homeowners may look into residential mosquito control devices that can be installed around their property to provide relief. Before purchasing a service that provides a ‘timed mosquito control device’, read the information from University of Florida mosquito specialists regarding these devices. The recommendations of the University of Florida is that ‘it is against good mosquito control practices to advocate automatic release of pesticides simply based on a timer’. In general, time-released spray devices do not include appropriate surveillance and evaluations that are necessary for ‘effective and environmentally proper mosquito control’.

Learn more about Mosquito Control Devices and Homeowner Services from the University of Florida


Posted: July 18, 2012

Category: Pests & Disease, Wildlife

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