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Cooking with Herbs

            The perfect accompaniment to the summer’s bounty of vegetables is fresh herbs grown in YOUR garden.  An herb can be defined as any part of a plant that is used an ingredient to enhance flavor, fragrance, or health.  Herbs can be used in anything from a party dip to a rack of ribs.  By one estimate, more than 25% of our modern drugs contain plant extracts as active ingredients.  For people with limited area to garden, herbs are an ideal choice because many can be grown very readily in containers and harvested as needed.  Most herbs prefer well-drained soil and at least six hours of sunlight and will need a balanced fertilizer used sparingly. 

            The University of Florida has a fantastic publication, Herbs in the Florida Garden, with information to help you learn how to grow herbs at your home. Photo of the Herb Garden at the Extension Office

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services also has a free, downloadable pamphlet, Florida Herbs, with descriptions, pictures, culinary uses, and storage tips for common herbs that are easily grown here in Florida. 

And finally, please reference Cooking with Fresh Herbs to determine the best way to use your homegrown goodness.

If you would like further information, please contact the Escambia County Extension office, (850) 475-5230, or email:

Libbie Johnson, Escambia County Agriculture Agent,

Beth Bolles, Escambia County Horticulture Agent,

Dorothy C. Lee, Escambia County Family & Consumer Sciences Agent,