Award Winning IPM Working Group Kicks Off Year 2

Mosquito BEACONS working group is back in action

On Thursday July 7th 2022, the Mosquito BEACONS working group welcomed its membership into the 2022/2023 season. We were joined by returning members from Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, Mississippi, and South Carolina. And we welcomed new members from Texas and Puerto Rico. Bringing us to a total of 9 participating states and territories in the southeastern region USA.

Learn more about the discussions by reading the Meeting 1 Minutes. And if you need a recap from last year, read the 2021/2022 Meeting 4 Minutes.

Annual Workshop on Invasive Species Identification and Bionomics

We are excited to announce a partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to provide training on invasive species topics. Our annual workshop 2022 will be held on:

Date (TBD): December, 2022
Location: Atlanta, GA, and will include a tour of the CDC!

Like last year, we are proud to provide full funding:

  • airfare,
  • hotel,
  • rental car,
  • meal per diem

Funding is available to two (2) participants from each participating state. Our members are seeking out mosquito control and public health personnel whom would benefit the most from this training opportunity.

Our ideal target trainees would be folks who may have intermediate/expert level skills in morphological mosquito identification but may not be familiar with invasive mosquitoes in the southern USA region.

Interested in attending? Reach out to a BEACONS member in your state or contact us:

  • By Email:
  • Twitter: @mosquitobeacons



We are supported by the Southern IPM Center (Project S21-002) as part of the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture Crop Protection and Pest Management Regional Coordination Program (Agreement No. 2018-70006-28884).


Posted: August 14, 2022

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