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The University of Florida's C-band Microwave Radiometer system (UFCMR) Credit: J. Casanova, University of Florida

Field Observations During the Eleventh Microwave Water and Energy Balance Experiment (MicroWEX-11) from April 25 through December 6, 2012

August 26, 2015

This new report from UF/IFAS researchers provides another set of observation data that can be used to develop better models for accurate prediction of weather and near-term climate. It describes the observations conducted during the MicroWEX-11, ... READ MORE

Category: Agriculture, Crops, Natural Resources, Water
Tags: Agricultural And Biological Engineering Department, Alejandro Monsivais-Huertero, Anthony England, Daniel Preston, Ella Baar, Jasmeet Judge, Jason Motsinger, Juan Fernandez-Diaz, Karthik Nagarajan, Max Wallace, Microwave Water And Energy Balance Experiments, Pang-Wei Liu, Patrick Rush, Robert Terwilleger, Roger De Roo, Ruzbeh Akbar, Susan Steele-Dunne, Tara Bongiovanni, Tim H. M. Van Emmerik
Figure 1. A peach limb with the blister symptom of fungal gummosis caused by Botryosphaeria dothidea. Credit: L. Pusey, USDA-ARS

Fungal Gummosis in Peach

August 26, 2015

Fungal gummosis in peach occurs when the fungus Botryosphaeria dothidea infects small openings or wounds in tree branches or trunks. The disease causes blisters on the tree that form lesions and eventually ooze gum (sap). This 3-page fact sheet ... READ MORE

Category: Agriculture, Horticulture, Pests & Disease
Tags: Horticultural Sciences Department, Mercy Olmstead, Peach Plum And Nectarine Diseases, Philip F. Harmon, Sara Sherman, Thomas Beckman
Figure 1. Participants on a farm tour in Santa Rosa county Credit: Ginny Hinton, UF/IFAS

Planning for a Farm Tour: Keeping the Conversation Fresh

August 26, 2015

Hosting tours at your farm can be a great way to market your products and your farm's brand. Tours let you tell potential customers how you grow your food, why they should buy it, and who you are as a farmer. This 3-page fact sheet discusses ... READ MORE

Category: Agribusiness, Agriculture, Farm Management
Tags: Agricultural Education And Communication Department, Agritourism, Claire Mitchell, Joy N. Rumble
Figure 2. Southwest Florida Research and Education Center Credit: UF/IFAS

Plant Diagnostic Clinic and HLB Lab

August 26, 2015

The Plant Pathology program at the UF/IFAS Southwest Research and Education Center is the state and local resource for plant diagnostic services, including HLB (Huanglongbing, or citrus greening) detection, and for insect identification. This ... READ MORE

Category: Agriculture, Home Landscapes, Horticulture, Pests & Disease, Pests & Disease, UF/IFAS Extension
Tags: Citrus Greening (Huanglongbing), Citrus Pest Management, Jamie Burrow, Joubert Fayette, Pamela Roberts, Pest Identification And Services, Plant Pathology Department, Shea Teems, Southwest Florida REC
Figure 3. An airlift collector functioning properly in a copepod culture tank. Credit: Jason S. Broach

Using Airlifts to Collect and Concentrate Copepod Nauplii

August 10, 2015

Airlifts are simple and inexpensive and not new to aquaculture. The buoyancy of rising bubbles within a pipe or tube generates an upward flow of water that are often used as part of water treatment design in recirculating aquaculture systems, ... READ MORE

Category: Agriculture, Farm Management
Tags: Aquaculture Facilities, Cortney L. Ohs, Eric J. Cassiano, Fisheries And Aquatic Sciences, John Marcellus, Matthew A. DiMaggio
phytophthora id brochure

Phytophthora Identification and Sampling in Citrus Nurseries

August 5, 2015

Phytophthora species are important soil-borne, fungus-like pathogens that attack the root systems, trunk, and fruit of citrus trees at any age. The front of this identification sheet includes images of healthy and infested roots and descriptions ... READ MORE

Category: Agriculture, Pests & Disease
Tags: Citrus Diseases, Citrus Research And Education Center, Diane B. Bright, J.H. Graham, Jamie Burrow, Phytophthora Spp., Soil And Water Sciences Department, Timothy D. Riley
Figure 3. Graceful sandmat inflorescence. Credit: Theresa Chormanski

Biology and Management of Graceful Sandmat (Chamaesyce hypericifolia) in Ornamental Crop Production

August 5, 2015

Graceful sandmat (Chamaesyce hypericifolia) is a problematic weed that often grows in container media in ornamental plant nurseries. This 4-page facts sheet profiles the biology of graceful sandmat and recommends physical, cultural, and chemicals ... READ MORE

Category: Agriculture, Horticulture
Tags: Apopka REC, Chris Marble, Environmental Horticulture Department, Euphorbiaceae, Lyn A. Gettys, Nursery Weeds, Theresa Chormanski

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