Hurricane Coming! Learn to Protect Your Forest

Hurricanes and Trees

When most people think of preparing property for big storms, they imagine protecting a house: putting up storm shutters, stowing lawn furniture, and filling the bathtub. Most public service messages are aimed at homeowners, too. But what if the property in need of protection is forested land? What if the valuable assets you’re trying to save are trees? A new Ask IFAS publication, Prepare Your Forest Property for Hurricane Season, provides hurricane preparation and recovery advice.

Photo of planted pines at sunrise in north central Florida. UF/IFAS Photo: Thomas Wright

Know What You Have before the Hurricane Hits

Take inventory before the storms are due so that you’ll have documentation if you need it. A professional forester can assist. They can also help with management, planning, and appropriately timed thinning and other strategies to keep your stands strong.

Photo of two oak trees downed due to Hurricane Irma. Photo taken 09-14-17

Don’t Go It Alone!

Learn where to go for help. Get assistance with long-term preparation strategies, with immediate preparation when a big storm is on its way, and with recovery in the aftermath. UF/IFAS county Extension and other agencies can offer help and advice. Get to know the local timber industry. Join forces with other forest landowners.

Includes a checklist of steps to take to protect your trees, equipment, and infrastructure. Consult Ask IFAS for more publications about managing forested land in hurricane-prone areas.


Posted: May 31, 2021

Category: Agriculture, , Disaster Preparation, Forests
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