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Snow-bush (Breynia disticha) Caterpillars Are Busy Year-Round in South Florida

Picture on top is a healthy snow-bush hedge and picture below it shows a caterpillar ravaged hedge and below that, caterpillars that have no foliage left, start stripping bark on twigs (pic by Joe Devito, RSW; all other pics by Doug Caldwell).
Has your snow-bush become thin-looking or even absolutely denuded? Snow-bush is an attractive low-density foliage shrub to begin with. But, keep your eyes peeled for the tiny caterpillar (see in top banner image, above left, pic. by Stephen Brown UF|IFAS) they grow to about 1 inch long and have repeating generations all year in south Florida. The more obvious clue of the invasion is the pretty, navy-blue and white moths flying around in the day time.
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