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Steps to Yard Recognition

To receive Florida Yard & Neighborhoods recognition, your landscape:
  • Must be free of invasive exotic plants.
  • Meets the standards of the community in which they are located.
  • Should be attractive to the general public. Part of the Florida Yards & Neighborhoods program is to promote responsible landscape and irrigation design, installation and management. This is best accomplished through attractive landscapes which would be found acceptable to your neighbors.
  • Should not be sprayed with pesticides or herbicides on a preventative basis.
  • Irrigated lawns should be minimized as much as possible within deed restrictions.
Your participation helps us to provide you with specific advice for your landscape. If you would like to receive a Florida Yard Recognition, please:
– Attend a Florida-Friendly Landscaping workshop for
– Schedule a free irrigation evaluation with the Mobile Irrigation
– Return completed checklist along with panoramic pictures of
your landscape to include the front, both sides of property and
backyard and your Irrigation evaluation results to Isabel Way,
Florida Yards and Neighborhoods Coordinator at 14700
Immokalee Rd., Naples, FL 34120
Once the above steps are completed our office will schedule a visit to your Florida Yard. If your landscape complies with the Florida Yard recognition criteria, the Florida Yard Advisor will grant the recognition and will leave a certificate and a Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ yard sign with you.
Should you have any questions please contact Isabel Way, Florida Yards and Neighborhoods Coordinator at 239-252-4800.
Thank you for your help in protecting our environment!

Posted: June 3, 2018

Category: Florida-Friendly Landscaping, Fruits & Vegetables, Home Landscapes, Lawn
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