Hurricane Preparedness for Horses and Livestock, Animal Identification

As we are approaching our first hurricane of the season there are a lot of things to do for your horses and livestock, including placing identification on your animals. Keep in mind that what works for one may not work for another, but being prepared will lessen the stress.

Identification for equine and livestock:

Whether leaving your animal on your property or moving them to a safer location, marking your animal with your contact information is crucial. There are several methods for marking animals, the following are a few identification options for your horses and livestock.

  • Paint or marker contact information on them so that it can be read (Use a product that will not wash off in the rain and water and of course is non-toxic.)
  • Attach ID tag to halters/collars (This can be anything from dog tags to luggage tags. Make sure it is in a place on the halter that won’t hurt the horse or dangle and get caught on something.)
  • Microchip (Make sure contact information is up to date!)
  • Neck Strap – heavy duty plastic identification collar for horses
  • Livestock tags (or like tag) – heavy duty plastic identification tag for livestock (Braid tag into manes or tops of tails. You may need to punch a hole in the bottom of the tag for the bottom end of your braid.)

A tag marker is the best option for writing on plastic tags, but a permanent marker will work. Identification tags should contain owners address and phone number. Other information is optional. Livestock tags can be purchased at agriculture supply stores, some local feed stores and at online livestock supply companies. Marking, micro-chipping and tagging are things you can/should also do with other pets as well.

During hurricanes if you are planning to transport your animal, be aware of the Florida policies for the transportation of animals both intrastate as well as interstate. For more information visit:

More information from UF/IFAS:


Posted: October 17, 2017

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