How to be active without spending a dime

By Stephanie Clamer

You do not need to spend money to be physically active. The only special equipment you need is a pair of comfortable walking shoes. Here are a few ideas to help you get moving, for free!

Close to home

  • Get your garden and yard in shape while also getting physically active by mowing, raking, pulling weeds, or digging. Need help learning what plants can be grown in which season? Or how to create your perfect garden? Take a look at the Florida Vegetable Gardening Guide at: . Or contact contact BJ Jarvis, Extension Director and Horticulture Agent at 352-527-5714 or by email at for gardening questions.
Anne Goldwire gardening. Photo taken 08-13-15
  • Looking to build muscle without purchasing weights? Use everyday household items such as soup cans or bottles of water as weights!
  • When out running errands it is easy to add some additional physical activity to your day. Instead of parking close to your destination, park a little further away and walk.

In the community

  • Check your local gyms, community centers, and senior centers to see what demonstration exercise programs they are offering. Your local community centers and senior centers may offer a wide variety of exercise activities such as dancing, Zumba, or chair exercises.
  • Participate in fun runs or walks offered in the community throughout the year.
  • Does your local mall have a walking program? Contact your local mall to see if they have a mall walking program.

In the great outdoors

  • Florida has many state, county, and city parks. Go for a hike in a park. For a list of the state parks in Florida, visit: You can also check your local parks department to find out what county or city parks are nearby.

Posted: July 13, 2020

Category: Health & Nutrition, Work & Life
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