County Events: Rules & Time Requirements

Once you have decided on the type of presentation that you would like to complete, you should familiarize yourself with the rules and time requirements set for the type of presentation you will be completing. Here is a quick overview of the requirements for each.

Demonstration & Illustrated Talk Categories

Animals: Animal industry, small animals & pets, horses
examples: cattle, swine, poultry, goats, raising, selecting, managing feed, health, marketing, reproduction, harvest, dog cats, other pets, pet therapy

Citizenship & Leadership: citizenship, community service, global education, leadership development, career & workforce preparation
examples: cultures, ethnicities, service in your community, art & science of becoming a leader

Communication & Expressive Arts: Leisure & performing arts, communication & media arts
leisure activities, recreation (cycling, music, arts & crafts, cake decorating, floral arranging, wood working, etc.), public speaking, American Sign Language, other forms of communication, photography, graphic arts, computer graphics, video, etc.

Family & Consumer Sciences: childcare and child development, clothing & sewing, money management
growth, development, personality, clothing design, selection, buying, care, construction, textiles, accessories, appearance, grooming, shopping, sales, advertising, labeling, credit, banking, savings, time management

Healthy Living: Food preparation, food nutrition, food safety, food science, personal well-being, safety

Nature & the Outdoors: environment, marine & aquatic science, outdoor adventures, shooting sports, soil water and land use, wildlife, natural resources, earth sciences

Plants and Gardening: production and marketing of fruits, vegetables, flowers, field crops, forage, landscaping, soils, citrus, harvesting or processing crops, entomology

Science & Technology: aerospace, computer, bicycles, electricity, energy, geospatial, robotics, small engines, weather & climate, woodworking

Demonstration & Illustrated Talks Guidelines

  • No living animals
  • Juniors/ Intermediates: 3-12 minutes & Seniors: 5-12 minutes
  • Maximum of 2 members per team
  • Participant must provide all equipment and supplies

Public Speaking Guidelines

  • Speech must relate to 4-H and its relationship to the material being presented. Must mention 4-H and the connection in the speech.
  • No props, posters or visual aides.
  • Junior/Intermediates: 3-7 minutes & Seniors: 5-7 minutes
  • No team speeches allowed

Share the Fun Guidelines

  • Individual or a group (max of 5 people)
  • All acts should be 3-5 minutes

All instruments, supplies, music players, etc. must be provided by the participant(s)


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Posted: March 23, 2021

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