County Events: Planning Your Presentation: Intro, Body & Summary

Introduction: start your presentation with an attention grabber. If you catch the audience’s attention within the first ten seconds, they will remain engaged throughout your presentation. You can use a joke, an entertaining real-life event, quotes, facts, a “what if,” imagine this, a question, or another attention grabber.

Once you grab your audience’s attention, introduce yourself. Make sure that you include your:
4-H club / project
years in 4-H
years in project
title or focus of presentation

Body: It is often helpful to write the body of the speech before writing the introduction or conclusion. The body is where you speak about your main ideas (usually 3 for public speaking). For illustrated talks or demonstrations this will include your steps or explanation of how to do something. Make sure to include what you need to do, show and/or say to express your main idea(s). Your ideas should be ordered in logical/natural order. Remember to include 4-H in the body of your presentation. You can organize your thoughts by jotting down what you will do or show, what you should say and what you will need including supplies, equipment and visuals.

When planning for the body of your presentation, it is often helpful to create an outline. This should include the topic, 3-5 main points or steps and 3 details per main point or step.

Summary: Restate your main idea/topic. What do you want your audience to remember? Leave them with a challenge if you can create one, otherwise, you can close with a question or another big idea. End the presentation by asking the audience if they have any questions. Before responding, repeat the questions being asked.


ralph mitchell
Posted: March 23, 2021

Category: 4-H & Youth, Curriculum
Tags: County Events

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