Club Officer Spotlight: Vice President

Are you considering running for the Vice President position of your 4-H club? Serving as the Vice President of the club is the perfect opportunity to watch the club President so that you have a better understanding of the job duties. If you are elected as the Vice President, the President of the club will serve as your mentor this year.

Take a look at the requirements for the club Vice President as well as the job description to find out more about what the job of the Vice President entails.

Job Requirements:
-Must be an Intermediate or Senior 4-H’er (Youth ages 11-18)
-Must have been enrolled in 4-H for more than 1 year.
-Must be willing and able to speak in front of a group.
-Must possess leadership skills.

Job Description:
The Vice President of a 4-H Club is serving as the assistant leader of the club officer team. In the absence of the Club President, you will need to conduct the business meeting, work with 4-H’ers of all ages and backgrounds and encourage all members to work together towards a common goal.
As the Vice President of the club, you should be prepared for the following tasks:
-Know the duties of the President and be prepared to take over the task if the President is absent.
-Work with the President club leader to plan the business portion of the meeting.
-Arrive at the meeting early to set up the room prior to members arriving.
-Serve as the program chairperson and create a calendar of events for the year. Your programs should be educational and include learning activities, field trips and/or guest speakers.


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Posted: August 24, 2020

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