Creating a ‘pillow-pack’ garden with your children

By Pamela Phillippe

You will need the following items:

  • Resealable plastic bags – quart or gallon, depending on plants chosen
  • Potting Soil
  • Plants or seeds
  • Craft knife or scissors – for parent to use
  • Craft stick or wooden spoon for making planting hole.
  • Water
  • Fill plastic bag with potting soil.
  1. Seal well.
  2. With craft knife, or scissors, cut an ‘X’ in center on the top side. The size of the cut will vary, depending on size of bag and size of plant, but should not be more than 4 inches total.
  3. If planting seeds, plant about 1/16 of an inch deep.
  4. If using small plants, make a planting hole with craft stick or spoon handle, being careful not to puncture bottom of bag.
  5. Insert plant, taking care not to damage roots.
  6. Cut drainage holes in the bottom of the plastic bag. Make the holes about one-half inch long. The number of drainage holes you cut will depend on the size of the bag you are using. Cut at least three drainage holes for smaller bags and at least six holes for larger bags. Make the holes evenly spaced from each other so that all areas of the bottom of the bag will drain.
  7. Water to moisten soil. Do not over water.
  8. Set in sunny location. Water as necessary so soil is not allowed to completely dry out.

Posted: October 23, 2017

Category: Relationships & Family, Work & Life
Tags: Craft, Garden, Pillow-pack, Seeds

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