Welcome to CALS, #UF25!

It is an exciting time as new Gators are admitted to the University of Florida. Stepping onto campus at UF may bring both feelings of excitement and uncertainty as students think about the possibilities ahead. A few CALS alumni have shared advice for making the most of the opportunities available as a Gator!

Get Involved

“Read the CALS weekly news updates! You will find so many internship, scholarship, research, award, and job opportunities. Take the chance to appreciate everything CALS has to offer you, because trust me — it’s a lot.”

– Caroline Barnett, BS ’20 Marine Sciences

“Boldly explore new opportunities! By getting involved you will grow academically, professionally and personally. Some of my biggest lessons and growth that prepared me for life after college were learned outside of lectures and labs.”

– Joanna Lanier, BSA ’15 Animal Sciences

“Apply for CALS and departmental scholarships to help you get the most out of your college experience! Participate in organizations and travel to meet people with different perspectives and experiences.”

– Melissa Short McKendree, Ph.D., BSA ’11 Food and Resource Economics

“Study abroad!! It will open up doors to so many new opportunities and you may even pick up a new language while you’re at it!”

– Adam Midgett, BSA ’15 Animal Sciences

Make Connections

“Entering UF as a student from a small town seemed to be daunting but by being in CALS, I was able to find the little within the big! In CALS, I truly felt recognized and known by the faculty and staff. Don’t hesitate to ask for help and get involved with clubs and organizations! This will help you build connections and a community you will turn to for many years to come!”

– Stephanie Floyd Sellers, BSA ’10 Animal Sciences

“CALS has the most supportive advisors, professors and staff. Better than some of the other colleges I may say. They are your advocates. Talk to them, ask them for advice.”

– Felicia Metellus, DPH, BSA ’13 Food Science and Human Nutrition

“The greatest thing about being a CALS Gator is meeting people in the college and reconnecting with them years later and getting to hang out with them, their spouses and children. Even if you didn’t know them in college, but connect later through your community, your kids or job there is still a connection and they are always awesome people!”

– Erin Eckhardt Harlow, BSA ’04 Landscape and Nursery Horticulture, MS ’06 Agricultural Education and Communication

Become part of the Gator family

“The greatest thing about being a CALS Gator is that in my time as a student, and beyond, it feels like I’m a part of a huge family. My department was small, so all of CALS being a place to come together to do great things and make connections across all the majors was a huge benefit to me!”

– Cara Huntley, BSA ‘12 Entomology and Nematology, MFRC ’14 Forest Resources and Conservation

“The greatest thing about being a student in CALS is the family you gain. No matter what your major is, or organization you join, you know that you all share similar interests. From the professors, to the advisors — everyone truly looks out for the best interest of the student.”

– Linsey Androlevich, BSA ’15 Animal Sciences

Learn more about opportunities available within CALS.


Posted: March 3, 2021

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