CALS Alumnus Highlight: Kenny Etienne

University of Florida College of Agricultural and Life Sciences alumnus Kenny Etienne is a 2011 graduate of the Family Youth and Community Sciences (FYCS) Department currently working as an Engineering Program Manager at Google supporting Google’s Firebase and Flutter product areas. As a former CALS Ambassador, Etienne shares Charlotte Emerson and Jenai Collins were particularly influential in his career path.

What brought you to CALS? What first sparked your interest in your major?

My interest in working with folks from all kinds of backgrounds brought me to the FYCS Department in CALS. I was initially interested in Sociology, but as soon as I learned more about Family, Youth and Community Sciences, I was hooked.

What do you find to be the coolest/best part of your job/career?

The coolest part of my job is the ability to lead teams in multiple countries and the opportunity to impact millions of mobile app developers globally.

What are some exciting projects you have worked on in the course of your career?

Some exciting projects I have worked on during my career at Google include creating a Flutter Partner support team in two countries, revolutionizing the way Google provides support to mobile app developers building applications on the Firebase platform and revamping our internal technical case audit or review process.

“Continue to learn and apply that learning real time. Work ethic, the ability to learn and strong interpersonal skills will get you where you want to go. Remember, progress is a slow process.” – Kenny Etienne

Family Youth and Community Sciences students gain hands-on experience and knowledge in youth development, youth and family problems, community issues, nonprofit organizations, research methods and program planning and evaluation. The courses teach students theories and methods to enhance the lives of youth, families and communities in which the live. Students will develop the knowledge base to go on to earn advanced degrees in programs such as counseling, non-formal education, social work, Higher Education, and youth and family services. Find a CALS major that suits your interests by taking our majors quiz. You can also find information regarding our undergraduate and graduate programs on our website.


Posted: October 9, 2020

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