UF Student Finds Perfect Fit in FYCS Department

When Melody Cardec first arrived at the University of Florida, she was unsure of her career plan, but certain her time spent at UF would help her discover her passions and interests. During her junior year, Cardec changed her major to family, youth and community sciences, immediately finding the perfect fit within CALS.

While completing the paperwork to change her major, Cardec was charmed by the familial feel of CALS and FYCS.

“I’ll never forget when Dr. Emerson walked me from the Dean’s office to the FYCS advising office so that I could speak with my soon-to-be advisor, Kathryn Ivey,” said Cardec. “That small act showed me that CALS truly cares about its students and wants to ensure they are connected to the appropriate resources. This meant a lot to me and it confirmed that this was the right place for me!”

Cardec is grateful to her advisor, Kat Ivey, for making her feel at home within FYCS. Starting from their first encounter when Cardec changed her major, Ivey’s constant support, guidance and encouragement helped Cardec succeed as a FYCS student and find a career path.

Cardec found a passion for helping others professionally as a human resources specialist as an FYCS student. “I want to help people realize their full potential professionally,” she said.

She hopes to attend graduate school and purse a master’s degree after working in the human resources field for a few years.

Cardec encourages younger students to take advantage of the resources given at the university and individual college and department levels, including the incredible faculty and staff supporting students to succeed.

Cardec also encourages younger students to get involved with organizations they truly care about and are interested in, rather than becoming involved just to fill up their resumes. In addition to her coursework, student organizations helped Cardec become a well-rounded individual and recognize her passion for helping others reach their professional potential.

She would like to thank all FYCS faculty and staff for helping her through her journey at UF and making her feel part of the FYCS family. She is especially thankful to Kate Fletcher, Gregg Henderschiedt, Dr. Kelly Moore, and Dr. Kimberly Wiley.

Melody Cardec

Family, Youth and Community Sciences Major

Summer 2020 Bachelor’s Degree Graduate


Posted: August 6, 2020

Category: Agriculture, Community Volunteers, Professional Development, Relationships & Family, UF/IFAS, UF/IFAS Teaching, Work & Life

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