Helping youth cope with COVID-19 stress

We are coping with difficult times

You and your family may be experiencing anxiety, fear and stress about COVID-19. We are living with a lot of uncertainty. Stress is very normal during these challenging times, but coping with stress will improve your overall health. Finding ways to cope will strengthen you, your family, and your community.

Find activities that make you feel good

Exercise: walk, run, practice yoga, or ride a bike. These activities can done with your family or help you find some solitude in a healthy way. Exercise produces endorphins, which improve your mood. University of Florida has resources for free exercises you can try.

Learn something new! Youth can learn new topics at Florida 4-H virtual summer camp! Some camps are self-paced. Your child can explore new topics in their own time. Other camps will help your camper make new friends. Explore new topics live, together, over Zoom or Google Classroom. All camps are virtual to help us prevent the spread of the virus. Also, 4-H has many activities and curriculum you can do together as a family.

Socialize safely! University of Florida has several ideas for how you can relate to others while practicing physical distancing. It is important to prevent the spread of the virus, but to also keep in contact.

Be mindful. Mindfulness helps us calm our minds, which helps calm our bodies. Mindfulness can start by working on breathing slowly and deeply. Writing a journal is another way to process emotions. Get outside and walk in nature or learn to garden. Check out these 4-H activities to work on mindfulness.

Know when to seek additional help

Finally, the best way to support yourself and the child in your life is to know when you need extra support. We are all experiencing the pandemic, but in very different ways. The University of Florida has many resources to explore. Use those resources to find free classes, additional tips for supporting youth, and how to manage your physical and mental well-being. Finding ways to cope will strengthen you, your family, and your community.


Posted: May 19, 2020

Category: 4-H & Youth, Camp, Relationships & Family
Tags: Activities, Family, Stress, Stress Management, Ways To Manage Stress

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