Join Broward 4-H County Council!

What is County Council?

The County Council is composed of all Broward County 4-H members of any age, club or project. Are you in a school club, a community club or are you an independent member? If you said yes to any of these, then you are welcome to attend County Council meetings. Overall, the purpose of County Council is to form a community within the diverse group of Broward 4-H clubs. This gathering then works on leadership skills and community service together. The County Council is run by youth leaders who are elected into their leadership positions by their fellow 4-H’ers.

What are County Council’s plans for 2019-2020?

The 2019-2020 4-H year are sure to be exciting! First, we will have a kick off party in September. We will have a guest speaker from the Coast Guard who will share her experience with natural disasters and emergency preparedness. We host one meeting every month, alternating Tuesdays and Saturdays. Be a part of business meetings, committee meetings, and educational programs.

Finally, in December we will host a holiday party. Next, in the spring we will have a guest speaker from the Coastal Conservation Association and learn from the Guy Harvey Institute. We will learn about turtle conservation and ocean restoration. All of these learning topics are in line with the Florida 4-H project: Revitalize Florida.

Special events

One committee will be the Mock Legislature committee. This group will plan a mock legislature, where mock bills are debated. In addition, there will be a fundraising committee, which will plan fundraisers and events. Service learning projects are also a part of County Council. Helping restore an oyster bed may be one of those projects.

Join County Council!

Keep up with our Weekly Updates through email or posted on our Facebook to know our meeting schedule. In conclusions, all 4-H members are welcome at County Council. We hope to see you there!




Posted: July 3, 2019

Category: 4-H & Youth,
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