Learning trust and communication through rock climbing

The Tech Tigers 4-H Club build and program robots to compete in FIRST robotics competitions.

The Tech Tigers build robots that accomplish amazing things! Adult mentors partner with youth to build and program these robots. The Tech Tigers have been supported by the Tech Wizards grant. This grant brought more mentors into the club. Together youth not only learn about robotics, but they learn about careers, college, and teamwork.

At the FIRST robotics competitions, trust and communication are essential. Every team member has to trust that everyone is doing their part. Communicating is part of navigating the playing field. Communicating in a positive way is key. Everyone encourages and provides constructive feedback to the group. The group trusts that their feedback will be received positively.

Rock climbing helped the team put what they learned about trust and communication into practice in a whole new way. Most Tech Tigers had never rock climbed before. Similarly, building robotics used to be a new endeavor for them as well. These youth are brave, trying new things and testing their limits. While climbing, the climber has to trust that the rope, and the belayer, will catch them and keep them safe. Also, the climber and belayer must maintain proper communication to safely do the sport.

Rock climbing is a great way to try a new activity, get out of your comfort zone, and build on team bonding.




Posted: March 21, 2019

Category: 4-H & Youth
Tags: Rock Climbing; Tech Tigers, Team Building

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