Gifts from the Heart

Gayle Whitworth, Family & Consumer Sciences Agent

Gifts don’t have to be expensive to mean much. Often, the best gifts are those that come from the
heart and have a personal touch. Listed below are several gifts you can give that don’t take much
time, nor often, much money.

  • Herb shakers
  • Make-at-home mixes
  • Plant a tree ($10 at or commit a “random act of kindness” in your recipient’s honor
  • Arrange and frame a family tree photo collage
  • Repot herbs and pass along plants
  • Plan an outing to a zoo, museum, or park with your favorite person
  • Time is important – Share your time with a loved one with special activities, a candlelight dinner, massage, or picnic
  • Make an emergency kit for someone for their car or house. Include things such as a blanket, flashlight, gas can, jumper cables, etc.
  • Plan a monthly lunch date with a relative or friends
  • Plan or take a family trip
  • Compile a photo album of pictures and mementos
  • Record an interview with parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles to share your family history with the next generation
  • Give away a book you both enjoyed to someone who enjoys your taste
  • List one hundred of your fondest memories with the recipient
  • Sign someone up for lessons in a sport, a language, or a musical instrument
  • Offer to teach a skill you possess, such as canning, swing dancing, knitting, or furniture making
  • Donate to a cause in the name of a family member
  • Have all the children and grandchildren write stories or draw pictures of meaningful experiences or lessons they learned from grandparents

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Posted: December 9, 2014

Category: Home Management, Money Matters, Relationships & Family, Work & Life

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