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Snorkeling Safety at the Jetty

July 14, 2017

The St Andrew Bay pass jetty is more like a close family friend than a collection of granite boulders. The rocks protect the inlet ensuring the vital connections of commerce and recreation. One of the treasured spots along the jetty is known ... READ MORE

Category: Natural Resources
Tags: Beach Flag, Beach Safety, Dive Flag, Florida Panhandle, Jetties, Jetty, Marine Life, Panhandle Habitats, Panhandle Outdoors, Recreation, Sea Urchin, Snorkeling

Ready for Northwest Florida Artificial Reef Workshop Wednesday February 22

February 16, 2017

Researchers from University of West Florida recently estimated the value of Artificial Reefs to Florida's coastal economy. Bay County artificial reefs provide 49.02 million dollars annually in personal income to local residents. Bay County ... READ MORE

Category: Natural Resources
Tags: Artificial Reef, Fisheries, Fishing, Florida Panhandle, Florida Sea Grant, Fwc, Northwest Florida Artificial Reef Workshop, Panhandle Outdoors, Research, Sea Grant, Sea Life, Workshop

NISAW 2016 – Working together to remove Giant Salvinia (Salvinia molesta) from Northwest Florida

February 26, 2016

    Matthew Phillips and Scott Jackson - UF/IFAS Extension and Research works with many partners supporting invasive species management actions and strategies across Florida. One key partner is the Florida Fish & Wildlife ... READ MORE

Category: Natural Resources
Tags: EDDMapS, Fishing, Florida Panhandle, Fwc, Invasive Plants, Invasive Species, Invasives, Land Management, Lend A Hand, Louisiana, NISAW, NISAW2016, Northwest Florida, Panhandle Outdoors, Pond Management, Salvinia, Texas, Water Quality

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