Waukeenah Plantation to Host Stewardship Tour Dec 6 – Registration Open

Forest management? Wild Life Habitat? History?

No matter what your interest, the December 6 Forest Stewardship Tour at Waukeenah Plantation in southern Jefferson County will give you an onsite vision of developing a forest on your property. Waukeenah Plantation was purchased by its current owners just a little over twenty-five years ago. Since then, pines have replaced pastures and the property is being managed for timber production and wildlife habitat. The day’s program will be hosted by the Florida-Georgia Game Management Series and the University of Florida Forest Stewardship program and will feature how habitat can be developed and enhanced in a relatively short time.

This is just the latest change in the use of this land. Long before Hernando deSoto camped here, indigenous peoples enjoyed the clear streams and fertile lands near the Cody Scarp. In the early nineteenth century, planter Robert Gamble set up the original Waukeenah Plantation. In addition to the recently planted pines, the site boasts hardwoods in the creek bottoms. Tour stops will visit both and discuss the management of each to enhance wildlife habitat. Tour leaders will include speakers from the University of Florida and University of Georgia Extension Services, the Florida Department of Forestry, National Wild Turkey Federation, the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service and the Florida Public Archeology Network.

For more information, contact Jed Dillard at dillardjed@ufl.edu or 850-342-0187. Register online at http://flgaextgamemgmt2012.eventbrite.com/# . Registration is limited and required.


Posted: November 21, 2012

Category: Natural Resources
Tags: Fisheries, Gulf Of Mexico, Invasive, Invasives, Lend A Hand, Lionfish, Northwest Florida, Panhandle, Panhandle Outdoors, Recreation, Sea Life

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