2019 Baker County 4-H County Events

County Events is the time and place for members to showcase what they know!

Every year at County Events 4-H members participate and compete with one another. County Events fosters belonging, mastery, and independence in 4-H members. It is an essential part of the 4-H experience. Youth have the opportunity to demonstrate their talents and feel confident about their expertise in different subject areas.

The Purpose of County and District Events

County and district level presentations provide a valuable teaching and learning situation. They give Junior, Intermediate, and Senior participants an opportunity to:

  • Practice making oral and visual presentations.
  • Learn presentation techniques from observing others.
  • Receive constructive suggestions for improvement.
  • Receive recognition for efforts.

The County 4-H program receives additional recognition and visibility through these activities.

All 4-H events should foster a strong educational 4-H program by providing physical, mental, social, and emotional growth experiences for individual 4-H members. Events should give 4-H members positive, meaningful experiences in leadership and citizenship development.

Competitive events are a planned part of the 4-H curriculum, designed to allow youth to:

  • gain experience and develop skills in gathering, preparing, and presenting educational information.
  • enhance decision making capabilities.
  • make public presentations.
  • learn standards by which comparisons are drawn.
  • develop good sportsmanship.

Competitive events are just one of the many teaching methods used by 4-H leaders and Extension Agents.

County Events are a very important part of participation in 4-H beyond the club level. At county events you can compete in the following activities:

You can do all of these and more at county events!


County Events will be March 16th, 2018 at check-in: 9:30 begins: 10:00am.

Location: Sanderson Community Center, 8274 Thomas Sweat Rd. Sanderson, FL 32087

The registration form: 2019 County Events Registration Form.


Adapted from: http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/pdffiles/4H/4H24900.pdf


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Posted: February 5, 2019

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