County Events Series: Graphic Design Contest

The Graphic Design Program gives 4-H members an opportunity to use their creativity and
artistic ability to promote their project areas or 4-H program. 4-H’ers are encouraged to develop
their visual communication skills by also identifying locations to display their created materials
as a means to communicate with external audiences about the 4-H program.

Participation Criteria:
This contest is open to every age division of 4-H members. Cloverbuds are encouraged to
participate, but their materials will not be sent on to the state for competitive review.

Age Divisions for 4-H are determined by the age of the youth as of September 1 of the 4-H year.
Juniors: Ages 8 – 10
Intermediate: Ages 11 – 13
Senior: Ages 14 – 18

Contest Rules:
1. This is an individual event. Entries must be completed by exhibitor, and only one entry per youth participant.
2. The entry must be saved as a pdf file, with the exemption of the PowerPoint entries. All files should be saved as follows: Last Name, First Name_ County_ Age division_Class (ex: Clover,Johnny_Lake County_Senior_ Brochure)
3. Graphics become the property of Florida 4-H upon entry and may be used for promotional purposed by Florida 4-H.
4. No hand drawn entries will be accepted.
5. The entries will be judged on: Font style and graphics, flow of design, color, educational components, and clear delivery of message.
6. Use of copyrighted or protected characters or logos is prohibited. Use of the 4-H Emblem: Use of the 4-H Emblem must be in accordance to the graphic standards set by the USDA. Those standards can be found at:
7. County 4-H agents can submit all blue ribbon entries to the state graphic design contest.

Junior, Intermediate and Senior entries will be judged separately. Blue, Red, and White quality
awards will be given to entries based on the score sheet criteria. All decisions by the judges are
final. One Best of Show Award will be presented to one entry in each class for each age division
(Junior, Intermediate and Senior).
County Submissions:
County 4-H Agents can submit all blue ribbon winners into the State 4-H Graphic Design
Contest. However, each youth cannot submit more than one entry. Entries must be submitted to
the State 4-H Office no later than close of business on June 1 of the current program year to be
eligible for judging in the State Contest and exhibition at Florida 4-H University. Previous year’s
entry may not be resubmitted to the state contest. Previous Best In Show winners are not
eligible to participate in the same class that they won, in a previous year.


  • Brochure: This is a tri-fold brochure that should contain information on both the front and the back. It should be easily read and printed with 8 ½ x 11 paper.
  • Flyer: This is an 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper, that will promote your topic of choice.
  • Other: Any other promotional material ex: mini-books, bookmarks, postcards, etc.
  • PowerPoint Presentation: 5 – 10 slides and a script to accompany the presentation. For best presentation, include the script for each slide in the “notes” section of the PowerPoint.

Score Sheet:

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