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County Events Series: What is Fashion Revue?

Fashion Revue is for garments youth have constructed (sewn) or re-purpose an outfit for competitive event.



  • Personally sewn- To showcase the member’s sewing skills and their ability to coordinate an outfit.
  • Re-purposed- The member designs and sews a wearable piece(s) from an actual garment(s), showing at least 50% change from the original garment(s).
  • 1st year sewer- The member must be a 1st year clothing/textile participant without prior sewing experience.
    Member must submit only ONE garment. The garment may be paired with other purchased garments. A beginning member might even sew one garment and purchase another.

Once you have made your garment and are ready for Fashion Revue, you must compose a script that will be said while you are on stage modeling your outfit.

• The outfit must be created, coordinated and modeled by the 4-H member participant
• Outfits are subject to review for modesty and appropriate attire. Formal wear may be strapless or have
spaghetti straps. No backless dresses, excessive visible cleavage, visible undergarments, lingerie or
swim suits. Please follow 4-H dress code.
• Each participant may only enter one category.
• Interview, Before and After photos of the participant wearing the garment, and Modeling are required for all participants at each level of competition.
• Report and Skillathon requirements are decided by the County or District. 
• Senior blue ribbon participants may advance to the State Fashion Revue from their DISTRICT’S Fashion Revue competition.
• Each county may send up to 3 blue ribbon participants in each age division to the District competition for each category and 1 extra participant (from any category) from each age division as a “Judge’s
Choice.” Each District may send up to 10 total blue ribbon Senior Fashion Revue competitors to the State competition at 4-H University.

Participant guide

Score Sheet

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