Radish: the fastest growing veggie with plenty of variety!

Radishes make an easy-to-grow addition to the vegetable garden and are a great plant to grow with kids because in only 3-4 weeks that seed will have grown into a ready-to-eat radish.

In Florida, radishes can be planted from September to March. Seeds should be set about ¼-inch deep, spaced one inch apart. Sowing seeds every few weeks will give you a continuous supply. You can also save space in the garden by interplanting your fast-growing radishes with slow-growing veggies like cabbage or carrots.

Are radishes too spicy for your taste? Don’t think the kids will eat them? The nice thing about radishes is the variety of colors and flavors. There are also mild flavored selections that even the kids may enjoy. Some popular varieties to try are:

Cherry Belle – Round roots, bright cherry red skin, and firm white flesh. Sweet flavor.

Champion – Round roots, scarlet red skin and white flesh. Slow to become pithy.

Easter Egg – Colorful mixes of red, white, pink and purple round roots. You don’ t know what color you’ll get until you pull one up.

Red Head – Bicolored with bright pink crowns and white bottoms. Mild flavor.

Sparkler – Bicolored with scarlet on the upper portion and white on the lower with freckles in between. Sweet flavor.

White Icicle – White, carrot shaped roots up to 5 inches long. Mild flavor. Best harvested small but remains milder than other varieties when harvested large.

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Posted: January 8, 2018

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