Graduates of UF/IFAS Animal Sciences Department: Spring 2023 Undergraduates

The UF/IFAS Department of Animal Sciences (ANS) is proud to recognize some of the Spring 2023 graduates. The department has over 60 graduates at the undergraduate level this semester. Their future career paths range from veterinarians to industry professionals.  

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) Ambassador, Gina Tran is a senior Animal Biology specialization student who plans to work in the animal agriculture industry after graduation. Tran was on several departmental teams, including the Academic Quadrathlon Team. She has also been President of the UF Block and Bridle Club for the past two years. 

“Being involved in Block and Bridle has made the biggest impact on me because it’s given me so many opportunities to connect with different parts of the animal agriculture industry while also giving me the best friends I could ask for,” said Tran.  

Gina Tran holding her cap next to the Bull Gator statue on campus.

Equine specialization senior Samantha Faircloth will continue working with exotic animals after graduation. Some of her favorite memories as an ANS student include learning to draw blood from a horse and witnessing a foal being born. The Foaling Practicum was her favorite course. 

“It allowed me to learn and experience something that I have never had an opportunity to before. It was an awesome learning opportunity and was great to witness new life here at UF,” said Faircloth.  

Samantha Faircloth holding a horse after painting muscle groups on it.

Bailey Cox is an Animal Biology specialization student who will be working on a certificate in Shelter Medicine from the University of Florida’s College of Veterinary Medicine. She plans to apply to vet school and become a small animal emergency veterinarian. She said Associate Professor Tracy Scheffler has significantly impacted her during her undergraduate career. 

“She has always been so inviting and friendly. I know I can come to her with any of my problems and she will always listen and hear you out and help guide you the best that she can,” said Cox. 

Bailey Cox holding her cap on main campus.

ANS Ambassador Carmen Burner plans to attend graduate school in the fall to study dairy cattle reproduction. As an undergraduate, Burner participated in Associate Professor Emily Miller-Cushon’s Animal Behavior and Welfare Lab. She was also a member of the Welfare Judging Team. 

“It was new territory for everyone involved, considering none of us had ever been on a judging team before nor had UF ever had a team go to the Welfare Judging Team competition. I was able to use a lot of information that I learned from my classes in the department towards developing my reasons for each scenario,” said Burner. 

Carmen Burner hugging a dairy cow.

KeeLeigh Jenkins is an Animal Biology specialization who will be attending the University of Georgia’s College of Veterinary Medicine in the fall. She hopes to serve in the Army Veterinary Corp. Her advice to incoming students is to try new things. 

“Join clubs and take advantage of every opportunity that’s thrown your way, even if it’s something you don’t have experience with, you may just find something new you love,” said Jenkins. 

KeeLeigh Jenkins in front of the statues outside of the Animal Sciences building. 

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Posted: May 4, 2023

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