Alltech Ambassador Program

Alltech Ambassador Program

The Alltech Ambassador Program is a bonus-based program for a group of outstanding student leaders who represent Alltech at the university level, both on and off campus. Ambassadors are also asked to assist at formal Alltech events where student representation is needed. Examples of events that ambassadors may be asked to participate in include:
• Alltech Symposium
• Alltech University Information Sessions
• Regional industry events and
trade shows

Learn new skills
Alltech ambassadors develop proper public speaking skills when speaking with prospective students and to large groups. Ambassadors also have the opportunity to learn organizational and interpersonal skills by planning and participating in recruitment events.

Meet new people
Through this program, students have the opportunity to network inter-professionally and will learn skills that will help them succeed in the workplace.

Time commitment
Alltech ambassadors are expected to touch base as agreed upon with their regional contact, participate in the private Facebook group for Alltech ambassadors to share ideas and participate in an initial training session. Each ambassador will commit to leadership goals during the academic year.

The program will include, among other activities:
• Promotion of the Alltech Young Scientist program and Career Development Program
• Acting as a liaison to their university and community
• Regional symposium promotion
• On-campus project and/or regional support

Why not join a team that encourages entrepreneurship? Successful campaigns run by past university
ambassadors include:
– Student Auction: Great way to network and meet industry leaders!
– In class presentations: Improve your presentation skills!
– On Farm Challenges: Do you want industry experience?
– Journalism: Learn to write articles!
– Marketing: Conduct producer surveys to gain industry prospective!

The Alltech Ambassador Program is now accepting applications. Students from all college majors and disciplines are encouraged to apply. Upon being chosen as an Alltech ambassador, training and materials will be provided to help orient students to the position.

For more information, contact Alltech at, or use the link below to apply. You must obtain two letters of recommendation to submit as part of your application. After an initial application review,we will invite candidates for personal interviews.



Posted: January 28, 2019

Category: UF/IFAS Teaching
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