University of Idaho- Graduate Student Opportunity

Dr. Amy Skibiel’s Lactation Physiology Lab, in the Dept. of Animal and Veterinary Science
at the University of Idaho, is recruiting graduate students to start as early as Spring 2019!

The main research themes of the lab center around lactation biology, animal physiology,
and postnatal development. I utilize traditional laboratory assays and molecular
techniques to investigate environmental influences on lactation physiology and milk
production and to explore how offspring development, health, and performance are
shaped by early-life experiences. Research questions are addressed from mechanistic,
evolutionary, and dairy production perspectives and are multidisciplinary – integrating
aspects of dairy science, nutrition, physiology, molecular biology, animal behavior, and
evolutionary biology. Study organisms include small rodents and dairy cattle.

To Learn more visit:

Looking for students who are motivated, committed, persistent, optimistic and have a
genuine interest in the research themes of the lab. In the Lactation Physiology Lab you will
gain the skills necessary to become an independent scientist and you will work within a
supportive, collaborative, and inclusive environment.

If you’re interested, email Dr. Amy Skibiel ( with a brief statement
describing 1) the reasons for your interest in joining my lab 2) your research interests, 3)
relevant past experiences and skills, 4) a current curriculum vitae (resume), and 5) your
GPA and unofficial transcripts. For information about graduate programs in AVS please visit


Posted: November 21, 2018


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