Paid Volunteer Opportunities in South Africa

Farmer-To-Farmer: South Africa 

The Farmer-to-Farmer program is a long-term US government program which has, since 1984, posting  experienced volunteers from US agriculture sector to short, typically three-week, assignments in developing countries. The program’s goals are economic development, food security, and people-to-people diplomacy.  The volunteers come from US farms, agribusinesses, and universities, and during their assignments, they give technical support, training and coaching to a particular farmer organization, agribusiness, or university or ministry. 

During the upcoming five years, Cultivating New Frontiers in Agriculture (CNFA) will be implementing the Farmer-to-Farmer program in Southern Africa (Zambia, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Malawi, and Mozambique) and in the European country of Moldova.  For each country, particular value chains or sub-sectors have been determined as focus; horticulture, legumes, livestock, and aquaculture are common foci in the region.  Across the Southern Africa region, a special area of focus is the Fall Armyworm, given the devastation it is causing across the region. Volunteers are matched with an assignment that fits their professional background. 

A US-based team supports the preparation of the volunteer for the assignment and a team in each target country works with the volunteer during the assignment and prepares and gives follow-up support to the organization receiving the volunteer. The volunteer’s trip and lodging are paid, and they receive a per diem for meals. A great majority of the volunteers have a positive experience and a large number do multiple assignments.  Many volunteers maintain contact with the organization they worked with after the volunteer assignment.     

CNFA is currently looking for volunteers for assignments during the coming five years. The attached brochure gives more information.  If you are interested, or for more information, please contact the program director Marjatta Eilittä,
Value chains/sub-sectors for each country in Farmer-to-Farmer program
F2F Projects
Horticulture, rice, livestock, aquaculture
Horticulture, legumes, aquaculture
Horticulture, poultry, service subsector
Horticulture, legumes, aquaculture
Horticulture, legumes, livestock/dairy
Organic agriculture, dairy/livestock


Posted: September 17, 2018


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