Rock River Jerseys LLC Hiring Assistant Manager

Rock River Jerseys LLC is an expanding 4,500-cow jersey dairy located in Doon, Iowa. 

The dairy started operations in February of 2016. Lactating cows are housed in a cross ventilated barn, milked three times per day with a new tunnel ventilated barn to house dry cows. All calves and replacements are also on site.

Current students graduating in May 2018 who are interested in pursuing a career managing a large progressive dairy operation should apply for a position with Rock River Jerseys.

Job Position Available: Assistant Herd Manager

Job Description: Supervise and coordinate the daily operations of the dairy.

Responsibilities: (include, but not limited to the following)

  • Management
    • Manage and communicate with all department supervisors
    • Identify and solve problems with milking equipment, parlor, nutrition, herd health and youngstock
    • Manage the maintenance of facilities, grounds and equipment
    • Operate large equipment when necessary
  • Herd Health
    • Capable of performing herdsman duties
    • Follow dairy’s SOPs that are in place
    • Train new employees to use dairy SOPs, follow animal welfare guidelines
    • Identify, treat and care for sick animals from newborn to lactating age
    • Monitor disease incidence across the herd
  • General Office Work
    • Utilize DairyComp305 for daily herd record keeping and extract information for monthly monitor reports
    • Record keeping for all herd health, production and inventories utilizing Microsoft Excel
    • Order and manage inventories of supplies and medicine

Qualifications and Skills:
  • Pursuant of a Bachelor’s Degree in Dairy Science, Animal Science or related field with emphasis on dairy production
  • Leadership skills to manage crew of employees
  • Eager & self-motivated
  • Knowledge of dairy cattle diseases, treatments and nutrition for all ages of dairy cattle
  • Ability to work & communicate with all types of people, preference given for speaking Spanish
  • Proficient with Microsoft Excel and Word
  • General knowledge of DairyComp305
  • Ability to work 60 hours per week, and a flexible schedule of weekends and/or holidays

To apply, please submit a cover letter, resume and three references to:

Rock River Jerseys LLC
Attn: Malorie Kirkley
2301 240th St.
Inwood, IA 51240


Posted: October 27, 2017


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