Cattle Ranch in Havana, Florida (suburb of Tallahassee, Florida) Hiring Cattle Herd Manager

Cattle ranch located in Havana, Florida (suburb of Tallahassee, Florida) is seeking a Cattle Herd Manager.

Position Description:

  • Select and breed cattle according to knowledge of animals, genealogy, characteristics, and offspring desired
  • Select pasture, range, and crop lands to graze cattle and produce feed crops
  • Mix feed and feed supplements according to dietary requirements of cattle and availability of grazing land
  • Feeds, waters, grazes, and distributes salt licks for cattle
  • Observe cattle to detect signs of illness and injury, treat minor injuries and ailments, disinfect and vaccinate cattle, and engage veterinarian to treat serious illnesses and injuries
  • Attend cattle during and after birth of offspring
  • Castrate, dock, and dehorn cattle
  • Brand, tattoo, ear notch, and ear tag cattle for identifcation
  • Operate farm machinery to plant, cultivate, and harvest feed crops
  • Maintain and repair farm machinery, equipment, buildings, pens, and fences
  • Arrange for sale of animals and products
  • Maintain cost and operation records 

Education and/or Experience:                                                

  • Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science or equivalent 
  • Preferred – Master’s Degree in Animal Science or MBA equivalent with 5- 10 years’ cattle experience
  • Proven track record of increasing leadership responsibility 

For more information and to apply, please follow this link.


Posted: May 24, 2017


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