Sunshine Zoological Preserve Seeking Interns for Summer 2017

Sunshine Zoological Preserve in McAlpin, Florida is looking to hire two unpaid interns for the Summer of 2017. Sunshine Zoological Preserve is a private breeding facility dedicated to the captive preservation of endangered and at risk species. Our facility houses a variety of species including antelope, kangaroos, camels, zebras, primates, etc. 

Accommodations are provided, however, you are not required to live on the premises during the duration of the internship for consideration of the position. However, interns must have their own transportation to and from the farm. 
Daily duties (Monday-Friday) would include acquiring knowledge of animal husbandry practices for a variety of species. This will include a lot of hands on time with animals, however, it can be very dirty farm work during the hot weather. 
The weekends and most evenings, you are free to spend your time as you please. Helping care for the animals on the weekends is optional but greatly appreciated if you are available. 
It is up to the intern whether or not they would like to intern during Summer A, Summer B, during the entire semester, or a minimum of two days per week.
No drugs or alcohol use will be tolerated and no one is allowed to accompany the two interns on to the facility’s premises at any time without prior approval.

Completed application is due on or before May 1st, 2017

For a copy of the application and to apply, please contact Shaylynn Kolwyck at Additionally, completed applications should be submitted via email to Shaylynn. 


Posted: April 21, 2017


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