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Here’s a sometimes-updated list of journals I use for Free-choice learning and informal (science) education. AKA nonformal education (See my article Stofer, 2015 for more info on these terms) in the Cooperative Extension world. Please share and/or comment with suggestions!

Public Understanding of Science

International Journal of Science Education, Part B

Science communication:

Science Communication

Journal of Science Communication


Visitor Studies

Science Museum Journal

Museums and Social Issues


Journal of Museum Education

Broad Science Education:

Science Education

Journal of Research on Science Teaching


Afterschool Matters

Bridging Neuroscience (theory) and Learning (practical):

Mind, Brain, and Education


Connected Science Learning

National Science Teachers Association: Journals for teaching Children, Middle School, High School, and College Students

Science Educator

The Ag Ed Magazine

Agricultural Education and Extension:

Journal of Agricultural Education

Journal of Human Sciences and Extension

Community Engagement:

Journal of Higher Education and Outreach

Journal of Community Engagement

Environmental Education:

Journal of Environmental Education

International Journal of Environmental and Science Education

Environmental Education Research

Experiential Education:

Journal of Experiential Education

Inspired by these lists of Science Education Journals:



Posted: February 22, 2017

Tags: Katie Stofer

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