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Do We Need Wild Bees?

By Jessica Laskowski, PhD student, Dept. of Wildlife Ecology & Conservation  Do we need wild bees? (1) Fresh squeezed OJ (2) Farmer’s market blueberries (3) Dinner at The Top My favorite Gainesville, FL delicacies may all… Read More

How NRDI Are You?

By Nia Haynes, WEC PhD Candidate The Natural Resources Diversity Initiative (NRDI) is a student run, faculty supported organization that works to introduce a diverse group of students from all disciplines to the natural resources field. We provide connections directly from… Read More

A Canopy of Cameras: Studying Arboreal Mammal Activity in Peru

By Rashidah H. Farid, M.S. Doctoral Student, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation University of Florida Email: In Peru, the majority of the land is under some form of a hydrocarbon lease. Seventy-two percent of these… Read More