Right Of Way, Core and Aquatic Pesticide Training Classes November 26 and 27 2018


AQUATIC PESTICIDE TRAINING AND EXAM Monday, November 26th, 8am-12pm  CEUs: AQUATIC PEST CONTROL – 4, NATURAL AREAS WEED MGMT – 2, PRIVATE APPLICATOR AG PEST CONTROL – 2 To Register purchase ticket here or Contact Matt or Cynthia at 850-638-6180 or… Read More

Sassafras Was Once The Base For Root Beer


By, Les Harrison Sassafras Albidum Sassafras albidum is a deciduous native with a long history of multiple uses in panhandle Florida and far beyond.  Leaves of this tree have turned up in the fossil record from eons ago…. Read More

Lubber Grasshoppers Go By Other Aliases


By, Les Harrison Lubbers, Who? Having an alias can be a handy tool, especially if one’s deeds are perceived as less than honorable. Lubbers are guilty of the nom-de-crime permits the holder to wantonly commit all sorts of… Read More