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4-H Summer Programs

day_camp1The last day of school is only 8 short weeks away.  Summer 4-H camps give your child a fun, hands-on learning experience based on science that mixes healthy lifestyles in through snacks and recreation.  Join Washington County 4-H for a great summer experience.  Enroll your child in 4-H summer camps today!

  • Click 4-H Youth Development on the left menu
  • Click 4-H Camp Timpoochee for our overnight camping experience
  • Click 4-H Day Camps for half day experiences
  • If your child is already a 4-H member, fill out the registration form and bring in with payment
  • If your child is NOT a 4-H member, you’ll need to enroll them in, complete the registration form and bring in with payment.

If you have questions, comment here, email me at or call 638-6180.

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