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Tag: Natural Resources

The Wakulla Gardener Now Available

Did you know that Wakulla County Extension has a group of Master Gardener’s available to assist you with your gardening and landscape questions? They also publish a quarterly newsletter entitled “The Wakulla Gardener.” it features up-to-date, gardening and… Read More

Winter Snakes

By Les Harrison, Wakulla County Extension Director On the still days after a cold front has passed through Wakulla County, the chilly silence can be thunderous. Only the occasional puff of wind in the pine needles and the… Read More

Thistles Are A Host For Leaffooted Bugs

By Les Harrison, Wakulla County Extension Director With the turn of the year and the noticeably lower temperature readings, most of Wakulla County’s residents turn their attention to activities that do not require exposure to the outdoor elements…. Read More

Possums are Resourceful Scavengers

By Les Harrison, Wakulla County Extension Director The seasonally cooler weather has had a silencing effect on the nighttime chorus of insects, amphibians and most other animals. The frogs and cicadas are taking shelter in anticipation of the… Read More

Wildlife Turn to Wax Myrtle Berries in Winter

By Les Harrison, Wakulla County Extension Director Winter is here in Wakulla County. While it is not as severe as upstate New York or Montana, there is a noticeable difference from six months ago. The local birds and… Read More

Cooler Temperatures Change Greens to Red

By Les Harrison, Wakulla County Extension Director As the holiday season comes into the home stretch and with a frosty morning last weekend, the two dominant local native vines are displaying holiday colors. Some, but not all, have… Read More

Idle Farm Equipment Makes an Ideal Habitat For Black Widow Spiders

As the growing season concludes, field equipment is parked in the barns and sheds across the Panhandle. After an all too brief rest, farmers and ranchers perform the necessary maintenance on these agricultural assets.  Even still, unpowered and… Read More

The Red and Green of Holly fits the Season

Les Harrison is the Wakulla County Extension Director. The official start of winter 2015-16 is about three weeks away, and followed closely by Christmas. Santa is ever present in the minds of Wakulla County’s youth and their parents… Read More

North Florida Bears

The popular culture media image is of a cute and amusing denizen of the forest. Attractive personalities and traits are assigned which endear them to the public. These imaginative characters have been an indispensable component of newspapers for… Read More

Spanish Moss Was Used for Bedding, Packing

  Les Harrison is the Wakulla County Extension Director. Thanksgiving holiday is a reminder of primitive days when life, even here is Wakulla County, was not as pleasant as today. Basic needs, along with the luxuries, of contemporary… Read More