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Cicadas Are The Night Music Of North Florida

By Les Harrison Wakulla County Extension Director August nights in Wakulla County are unique for their frenetic activity and riotous sounds. In contrast to local February evenings with its silence broken by the occasional barred owl, this summer… Read More

Regular Irrigation Can Help Lawns

July’s hot summer weather has given way to August’s 31 days of what will likely be temperatures and humidity equally elevated and intense. Wishes for November’s cooler thermometer reading are already creeping into daily conversations. The lawns and… Read More

Native Plants Support Wildlife

By Les Harrison Wakulla County Extension Director The dog days of summer have once again returned to Wakulla County. As such the dogs, and their human companions, are highly motivated to remain in any synthetic environment with temperature… Read More

Floridians Wanted to Observe The Weather

The Community Collaborative Rain, Hail, and Snow Network (CoCoRaHS) is an organization of volunteers that collect and measure precipitation in the backyards of citizens from the Atlantic to the Pacific. CoCoRaHS is a wonderful opportunity to get involved… Read More

St. Joseph’s Bay Coastal Ecosystem Water School

Mark your calendars! The St. Joseph Bay Coastal Ecosystem Water School is a two-day educational experience taking place September 7th and 8th, 2016. Based at St. Joseph Bay State Buffer Preserve and including field tours of coastal uplands,… Read More

Gopher Tortoises Are Adapted To The Heat

By Les Harrison Wakulla County Extension Director The 90 degree plus late July temperature reading have many residents slowing their pace for the explicit purpose on not overheating. The summer shuffle, along with a good hat and plenty… Read More

Take Advantage Of Curbside Recycling In Wakulla County

Be sure to check out this month’s feature in The Green Scene. It is been a number of years since our county adopted curbside recycling. Since then there have been thousands of pounds of materials that avoided the… Read More

Dirt Daubers Nests Are Built For Young To Snack

By Les Harrison Wakulla County Extension Director Snack foods are a typical American part of the summer break from school and a vacation staple. There are so many from which to choose, each with its own unique flavor… Read More

These Vines Have Prolific Blooms, But Need Control

    By Les Harrison Wakulla County Extension Director The transition to summer weather has occurred in Wakulla County. The official start to the summer season is less than a week away on June 20, 2016, but the… Read More

Mimosas Are A Beauty And The Beast Combo

By Les Harrison Wakulla County Extension Director It is easy to notice the display of bright pink puffs erupting on low-growing trees along Wakulla County’s roadside. A closer look will reveal the attractive ferny foliage and delicately beautiful… Read More