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Improve Savings and Health With Minor Changes In Your Home

By Shelley Swenson Extension Agent III Wakulla County FCS Ready to make a few enhancements to your home to improve its overall performance? Improving the home performance through small increments or changes requires extended periods of time before… Read More

Put Your Smart Phone to Work

Who would have thought twenty years ago that we would have the whole world at our fingertips like we do today? Smart phones have such potential to revolutionize our daily lives but too often they become drains instead…. Read More

Take Control to Reduce Your Cancer Risk

Are you ready to TAKE CONTROL and REDUCE your cancer risk? Be informed. Be empowered. Be motivated.     Take control of your health with nine information-packed modules that take you through: cancer basics warning signs and early… Read More

Proper Disposal of Unused Medicines

Do you know how to properly dispose of any unused medicines in your medicine cabinet? Merely tossing unused medicines in the trash isn’t the best or safest option. Read more about how to properly dispose of unused medicines… Read More

Coming in May: Blue Zones Discussion Group

  Are you ready to transform your life and live longer? In this revolutionary book, best-selling author and National Geographic fellow Dan Buettner reveals what the world’s longest-lived people have eaten over the past 100 years to help… Read More

ASK SHELLEY: Open House At Extension Office On April 2

By Shelley Swenson Extension Agent III UF-IFAS Wakulla County Extension Here are some of the information requests I received this month and announcements of topics of interest. What is the UF-IFAS Cooperative Extension Service? How can I learn… Read More

Upcoming UF/IFAS Wakulla County Extension Open House and Master Gardener Plant Sale

Wakulla County’s winter gardens are almost done, with many vegetable plants bolting or sending up shoots to produce blossoms and seed.   At that occurrence, their value as a food source steeply declines. All the plant’s efforts are… Read More

Cell Phone Cleaning

By Shelley Swenson, Extension Agent III, Family and Consumer Sciences UF-IFAS Wakulla County Extension Have you ever considered what your cell phone would look like under a “germ microscope”? You use your cell phone every day. It goes… Read More

Simply Sustainable Cleaning Tips

We all want a clean home, but it comes at a cost. There are several things we can do at home to reduce the impact to our pocketbooks as well as the environment, from using high efficiency laundry… Read More